By James Hale

Foreword by Bruce Meyers

At last! The complete A-Z guide to American & British Volkswagen-based Dune Buggies (Beach Buggies) for all fun car enthusiasts.
Over 100 individual makes of Buggy described and pictured. 
Each entry gives model description, identification tips & historical information. 
Over 300 colour and black & white photographs. 
Contains archive material including period advertising and sales brochures from the 1960’s & ‘70’s. Also contains film archive, and buggy toys.
Buggy manufacturer listing.
Written by Buggy guru, James Hale, whose regular buggy and VW features appear in leading journals such as Total VW, and VW Trends.

Contents: Foreword; Dune Buggies- cult transport for the young generation; A-Z directory: over 100 buggies from past and present; Appendix: addresses of known manufacturers; Index.

  Specification: Hardback. 255 x 213mm (portrait).  160 pages.  Over 300 colour & black & white  photographs/illustrations.

ISBN : 1-901295-65-6

UPC: 36847-00165-0

      Reviews for the Dune Buggy Handbook :

“This is a must-have book for buggy fans….James Hale has published the definitive study on the buggy”.
Kit Car magazine (USA).   

"You want buggies, this book's got the lot....James Hale has managed to find them all and writes in length about each, very informatively.....this is recommended for anyone thinking about buying such a car, or for those who are just fans of these wild machines". Street Machine magazine

“The Dune Buggy Handbook, by UK beach buggy guru James Hale, is a very comprehensive, in-depth guide to every single buggy produced, both here and in the States”.  Kit Car magazine (UK)

“This is a must for buggy freaks, and a good read for any car nut.  This is a great book, with plenty of archive pictures, history and over 100 makes of buggy described and pictured”.                           Custom Car magazine.

“With a foreword by Bruce Meyers…the book takes an authoritative and informative look at a wide range of buggies, and we’d recommend it to all Buggy enthusiasts”.   VW Motoring magazine.  

“The Dune Buggy Handbook is a true dedication to the life and times of one of the best known recreational vehicles ever: The Dune Buggy…The 160 pages are brimming with lavish colour photographs, both past and present and also original pictures of the cars/kits as they first appeared.  Truly fantastic!”    Total VW magazine.  

“A very comprehensively written round-up of, as far as possible, all Buggies available on the market….A long awaited and worthwhile book on this ever-popular subject”.  Volksworld magazine.  

“The 160-page Dune Buggy Handbook is the one-stop reference for everything buggy, and makes essential reading for anyone either mildly or heavily interested in the buggy phenomenon……..Everything you’ll ever need to know about buggies is contained in this stunningly comprehensive book written by the country’s leading expert on the breed”. 
  Which Kit? Magazine.  

“Where this book scores is in the wealth of newly published images – Anita Harris posing with her Kustom (buggy), and the Monkees on location for the movie Head in a Dean Jeffries-penned Kyote….good value”.
  Classic and Sportscar magazine.

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